Book Two Coming Soon!

by | May 1, 2020 | Updates, Writings

Looking for the second book of “The Search for the King’s Staff?” I’ll be posting updates on my progress right here on the blog! As of now, book two is well underway! You may have read in my acknowledgements that it took me about a decade to right “A Song of Hope.” Rest assured that I was still improving my skill as a writer. I started the series when I was thirteen years old, so you can imagine how much I’ve grown since then.

Beginnings are always the biggest hurdle for me. Those first few chapters of “A Song of Hope” were what kept me from progressing into the rest of the story. The beginning of the series is over and done with forever! Yay! I’d love to talk about the many stages “A Song of Hope” went through but that’s for another post.

I’m soaring through book two, and though I cannot promise, I have an inkling it may see my wonderful editor by the end of the year (maybe sooner). I’m so excited to share the rest of Cierra’s quest with you. She, Leo, James, and Anara mean so much to me, and there is so much more to be explored in the world of Asrial.

The legacy of The Scarlet Phantom, the masked vigilante, resides within this war-torn country of broken people. Cierra sets out in book two to collect the second map piece, but will she be able to make it from Port Magama to the portal with Rasheme bombarding her with everything he has?

I guess you’re just gonna have to read the book to find out. Find it here on Amazon -> The Search for the King’s Staff: The Scarlet Phantom: 9798488752634: Davidson, Sophia: Books

Of course don’t forget to read book one, A Song of Hope, first!

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  1. Rachel Hofer

    Thanks for the update about book two. A Song of Hope drew me in and held me captive. It was difficult to put down. I am eagerly waiting!


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