This is the glossary for, “The Search For The King’s Staff: A Song of Hope”. If you don’t find a term here you are looking for, email Sophia.

Acana Mountains
  • A small range of mountains that centers Vipen’s Swamp. It’s natives guard one of the portals to the Spirit Realm that can only be activated by the Keeper, using his/her key. Home of the Acana Fox!

Airport-like area at which airteams take off from and land in order to transport airfreights. These facilities often offer other services, such as skyetrains, which are composed of tens dragons who are trained to fly single file from one airstation to another. Each dragon can carry at most three paying customers, and at the head of each skyetrain is a leader employed by an airstation.


Ships with aerodynamic wings that are designed to be pulled through the sky by airteams (made of up winged dragons) and transport to one Airstation to the other. These vessels are usually loaded with cargo.


Teams of dragons trained to carry heavy loads of cargo (airfreights) from and to airstations. The dragons can easily travel thousands of miles across the sky.


The largest of Asrial’s three moons (known together as the Moon Trio) Silver in color. Also known as the Lunar King. 

Anker's Ring

Referring to the two paper thin rings in orbit about the moon Anker. This phrase is often used in expressions, usually of surprise or confusion such as, “What in Anker’s Rings?” Also used in covenant degree. “I swear on Anker’s Rings.”

  • A crystalline element soaked with a magic of the moon Azul. It is another solid form of carbon (along with diamond and graphite). Azulite’s uses vary from power sources to weaponry to lighting systems. Its value mostly has to do with the magic it contains, but its smooth cyan blue color makes it desirable for jewelry.
Azul's Vestment
  • A magic of the Moon Azul harbored only by the Keeper’s Key. In this magic, the gravitational field around the user is strengthened on any water, in any form, within a twenty-meter radios. The temperature of the water is not affected, even though ice can be created when the water molecules are drawn so close together that they can no longer vibrate. (Keyword, Deli Vincta).
Ball Dragon Osana
  • Within the same genes as violet osana and containing the same half butterfly-like appearance. Ball dragon’s typical range in color (some even sporting fiery red and orange) These osanas require an extreme amount of nutrition and moister, so they are only found in wet climates with hyper rich soil. They give off a strong, unpleasant smell which is handy to ward off Vipen.


Cacia Spine
  • A fleshy cactus-like plant with thorns. Depending on the species, both the meat and the thorns can give one hallucinations, and in some cases, death. If one would get too close to them, the spines would eject towards the perpetrator. They can typically live in any climate, though they can grow bigger when exposed to certain conditions.

Small dragons no bigger than two feet long. These creatures are armored in silvery scales soaked with the magic of Anker. Speculation has led some to believe that they can transport at will (or perhaps by accident) into the Spirit Realm). 

Cierra of Nimbra

A young girl who grew up on Nimbra, chosen by the Spirit’s of the Moon Trio to be the Keeper of the Key. Character Type—Protagonist

Cifa Vine
  • A species of vine with sensitive nerves thread through their flesh. At a simple touch, these vines will coil, and stiffen, imprisoning anyone in range. They are only found in extremely wet climates.
Coming of Age

A Torrancean festival in which an individual celebrates the first week of adulthood (Age eighteen). While their community parties in the street, the celebrated sets out to hunt a candor with their quinv. They are rewarded with titles according to the number of candor that they catch and on what nights that they catch them on.

Cromes Beetle

A rear beetle about the size of a mosquito, only found in Vipen’s Swamp. It harbors a venom with a range of symptoms, including indigestion, muscle spasms, and extreme intestinal pain, all of which last no more than twenty-four hours, and could potentially result in death.


A magic of the Moon Anker only found in the Keeper’s Key. It can alter the very fabric of reality. (Keyword, Rashaka.)


One of Asrial’s three moons (known together as the Moon Trio). It is believed to be composted of more gas than its counterparts (Azul and Anker), perhaps contributing to its blood red color.

James of Nimbra

Cierra’s cousin, and son of Jezia and Suli. Cierra considers him to be her best friend. Growing up, they trained under the instruction of Windsong in order to prepare for the quest.

Leo (The Silver Bandit)

A mysterious outlaw and the soul human being who can harness the Moon Trio’s magic from his fingertips.


The capital city of the country of Torrance. Libby is a primary trading post for all of its international neighbors, as it is located on the main branch of the Gestobe canal. This has resulted in an incredible influx of wealth. 


An ancient Asrialian language, spoken only by a few to activate certain magics of the Moon Trio which have been soaked up by elements. Some magics (such as Azulite’s ability to glow in the daytime), typically those of animals, do not need to be activated by Masiann.

Nimbra (Island)

(Home of Cierra and James.) An Island within the Adriana gulp, just about twenty miles west from the Gaillard Peninsula. Nimbra is the one and only place Germina trees can grow. The Island was once mined for Azulite, but the mines were shut down due to cave-ins, resulting from seismic activity. Nimbra is easy to access by any Alandian ships, who mainly anchor there to trade for the Germina fruit.


The currency of the country of Torrance, and which is slowly being adopted by other countries and becoming a world currency

Port Sands

Nimbra’s single, but busy town full of Germina Farmers and tradesman. Most residence build their villas in the kapok trees and their businesses on stilts, because of the severe flooding Germina Trees thrive in.

Princess Anara of Torrance

Daughter of Emperor Gillian and Second inline for the throne in Torrance.


A well-trained rider of winged dragons, usually part of a military unit. In Torrance, laws have been passed to protect individuals, as well as the dragons themselves. The Skyerider must raise their dragon from the time they are hatched and develop an emotional bond with it. Countries like Cordillera allow for more violent means of training.

The Spirit Realm
  • Another dimension to which the souls of living beings go when they die and which contains a range of its own unique creatures that are governed within entirely different laws of physics, able to interact more with the quantum world. It is here that the Spirits of the Moon Trio scattered the map pieces which lead the Keeper of the Key to the King’s Staff. The Spirit Realm has been compromised with darkness, including the human/animal souls which go here, and is quickly being eaten up.
  • A country mainly ruled by a constitutional monarchy balanced by a parliament elected by the people. It is located south of Cordillera, east of Beldam, and north of Aland. Torrance’s east side is primarily coast. All four corners are connected by water ways, resulting in easy access for trading. Torrance has long since been the world’s leading superpower, and has become wealthy, contributing inventions like the airfreight and the underwater plunge boat.
Underwater plunder boats

Similar to a submarine, plunder boats are a mode of underwater transportation/exploration, which are powered and pulled by sea serpents.


A type of dragon that has been saturated by darkness (much like animals, plants, and elements can soak up the Moon Trio’s magic). They can breathe black fire and are only found in Vipen’s Swamp.

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Darkness devours the Spirit Realm.

Burning within Cierra’s memory is a childhood encounter with a powerful spirit who chose her to find the King’s Staff, an ancient relic with the power to terminate the darkness before it moves from the Spirit Realm into the realm of man.

When the Moon Trio align on the eve of her Coming of Age, the celestial event brings soldier sent by the King of an opposing nation to her home. With her cousin, James, by her side and years of training in her wake, Cierra must risk everything to voyage through uncharted wilderness and find the path to the King’s Staff, teaming up with a princess and an assassin to outrun those who would prefer the staff remain lost – all while learning to control the magic within the key pendant the spirit gave her.

If the Key’s power doesn’t destroy her first…..